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Aybri Dreams Melts

Aybri Dreams Melts

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Aybri Dreams Melts are a therapeutic blend of lavender, lilac, and Egyptian Linen, infused with lavender buds to promote relaxation and encourage restful sleep. Crafted with pure beeswax, these melts provide long-lasting aroma and are a natural solution for parents of difficult sleepers. Give Aybri Dreams Melts a try and discover the soothing power of lavender for yourself.


The Aybri Dreams melts offer a luxurious aromatherapy experience, welcoming you into a world of relaxation. But you can also Experience deeper, longer-lasting sleep in the form of our "Drift&Dream" Slumber Mist! And don't forget to check out the "Slumber Party Bundle" on our Bundles page that lets you maximize the effects, all while saving money.

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