About the Maker...

Hello Friends and Welcome to my shop!
My name is Stephanie and I am the owner of Cheyenne Crackle & Glo Candle Co. I am also the proud wife of a hard working man who has served as a Police officer in Cheyenne for over 10 years, and a full time Mama to 2 beautiful girls.

My candle journey started 3 years ago in the heart of the pandemic when we were all trying to navigate our way through a difficult time being confined to our homes, and desperate to find a sense of peace despite all of the chaos going on in the world.

I started making candles as a way to pass the time and to feed my creative side. But what I found was not only a deep rooted love for it, but I also found my own sense of peace as well...

Transforming my enthusiasm from a pastime to a venture was effortless as I had a precise idea of what I intended to make. I aspired to make a candle that was free of any and all chemical elements, eco-friendly, and 100% clean burning. That is when I found beeswax and the incredible advantages it could offer you and your home. Beeswax in its purest form has ZERO chemical elements, releases ions that expel toxins in the air, can reduce insomnia, and has the greatest melting point of any wax out there, extending its burn time to 4x longer than any other wax. 

Utilizing a clean-burning wax, blended with fragrances free of toxic compounds, I've crafted a product that not only offers pleasant aromas but promotes healthier living for you and your home. My hope is that with the help of my products, you can discover your own peace & serenity and turn your house into a tranquil retreat to help ease a difficult day.


With love,