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Annie's Essence

Annie's Essence

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Introducing Annie's Essence: embody the remarkable strength, determination, and love of my 89 year-old Grandma.
Annie's Essence is a luxurious candle made with beeswax and crackling wooden wicks, giving off a pleasant aroma of blooming seaside roses, peach peony, and orange peel. Burn time is extended, providing hours of enjoyment while ensuring a clean and pleasant experience.
8 oz./30 hour burn

Annie's Story
My Grandma Annie is an inspiring example of resilience, having experienced the trauma of being the sole survivor of the worst train/car accident in Ogallala Nebraska that took the lives of her Mother, Father, Sister, and 3 other members of her family when she was just 15 years old. Despite this tragedy, she has gone on to lead an extraordinary life.

She raised 10 children, 6 boys and 4 girls. (One of them being my beautiful Mother Angie.)
She now has over 40 Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren, all of which adore her.

To say my Grandma is a remarkable human being is an understatement. She plays a large part of who I am today and who I draw my strength from when times get tough. 

I will always try and mirror the essence of her strength, determination, and endless love, kindness. and compassion she shows for everyone. 

My hope is that you feel empowered by her essence and live life with her courage.

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